Idaho Rod and Reel Good Guppies Youth Program, 7-11yo

"The focus of the Idaho Rod and Reel Youth Programming is to use fishing and the outdoors as a method to provide educational opportunities related to leadership and self discipline. We want to inspire kids to be better anglers and more importantly, be more motivated and committed to being successful young adults. " - Ryan Chris, Owner

The Good Guppies program is designed for kids ages 7 to 11. Included with this class is an age group specific Newsletter that will be sent out every other month focusing on fishing and other outdoor activities, an introduction to leadership principles and goal planning as well as engaging activities for young minds.

Idaho Rod and Reel will develop classes throughout the year that will provide education on various fishing related topics as well as leadership principles. Kiddos can expect to have a great time at these classes and will likely come home with something fishy and handmade!

The program is FREE and paid for by the profits of the shop. Thank you to the community that supports Idaho Rod and Reel!!

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