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Idaho Rod And Reel

ARK Z Pop Topwater Popper

ARK Z Pop Topwater Popper

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The Z-pop 70 has a very unique designed chamber compared to others in the market. lt features three stainless steel beads while two of them are fixed on each end of the chamber and the large one is moving in between them.Just by a slight twitch, not only the mouth will pop the water, but also the moving bead will hit the two beads on both sides and make a high pitch noise to attract fish. Furthermore, when the bait stops and goes to the "tail down" position, the moving bead will go back and hit the tail one making a secondary sound, which would pull the trigger of those bass following the bait but were uncertain to strike yet.


Length: 7'1" (Both Models)

Fast Action, Multi-Purpose (Both Models)

M: 1/8oz to 5/8oz

MH: 3/16oz to 7/8oz

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