Idaho Rod And Reel

Idaho Rod and Reel Chatter Tubes with Caps

Idaho Rod and Reel Chatter Tubes with Caps

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Heavy Wall Plastic Tubes with Caps

Allows for Chatterbait and jig storage. Long enough for bait AND trailer to be stored STRAIGHT to protect against crimping skirts and curling trailers. 

Small: Comes in a 6" and 4" tube. They fit smaller sized bladed jigs like a Mini Max or most Chatterbaits without trailers. Many jigs will fit with or without trailers. 

Large: Comes in a 6" Tube. Fits most Chatterbaits like the Evo, Jackhammer and Thunder Cricket. Will fit larger jigs with and without trailers.


Length: 7'1" (Both Models)

Fast Action, Multi-Purpose (Both Models)

M: 1/8oz to 5/8oz

MH: 3/16oz to 7/8oz

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