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Idaho Rod And Reel

Idaho Rod and Reel Link Baitcasting Rod, 7'1", Fast Action - Multi Purpose

Idaho Rod and Reel Link Baitcasting Rod, 7'1", Fast Action - Multi Purpose

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Designed specifically by Ryan using top quality components such as Fuji Reel Seats and Guides, American Tackle Guides, 36/40T High Modulus Graphite Blanks and Woven Graphite fore and aft grips to maximize sensitivity. 100% Purpose built for function and sensitivity, these rods under any other name would cost at least 2x this much. The Link rods have 10 guides + tip tops with minimal rod thread and finish used. This combined with the woven graphite grips keep these rods incredibly light and sensitive, making them an absolute joy to fish all day long. Each rod includes a Custom Rod Sleeve.

"Literally every day I talk to customers that want to catch more fish and know the role that  premium rods can play in helping them do that - but it's just not in the budget. Part of the mission of Idaho Rod and Reel is to get people catching fish and falling in love with the sport. By using my own manufacturing and rod building experience, I am crazy excited to be able to provide a very high quality product that will hopefully do just that. These are tournament caliber rods - that most will be able to afford."


Length: 7'1" (Both Models)

Fast Action, Multi-Purpose (Both Models)

M: 1/8oz to 5/8oz

MH: 3/16oz to 7/8oz

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