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Pitman Creek

Yamamoto Baits Sensei Worm

Yamamoto Baits Sensei Worm

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From the creators of the most successful soft plastic worm of all time comes the ultimate bait for finesse fishing applications. The Sensei worm features a custom-tailored soft plastic formula that leaves the worm neutrally buoyant in the water. This allows for an incredibly lifelike presentation when rigged on a drop shot, a neko rig, or your preferred rigging method of choice. The balance between the head of the worm and the subtle bulb of the tail allows the Sensei worm to have a wide, but slow shimmy when rigged weightless on a wacky rig. Whether you choose to fish it weightless in the shallows or on a shaky head out deep the Sensei worm is sure to be any anglers preferred tool when looking to outwit wily bass. Available in 12 fish catching colors.


Length: 7'1" (Both Models)

Fast Action, Multi-Purpose (Both Models)

M: 1/8oz to 5/8oz

MH: 3/16oz to 7/8oz

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